After 19-year-old Aya Velasquez died mysteriously inside Harding Park, no one seemed to care. At least not until a preteen medium accidentally summoned Aya herself to solve the mystery. With no memory of her death and no shortage of questions, Aya must make friends with her fellow ghosts and discover the truth behind the nation’s most haunted park. Based on EVP audio recorded by M.A.A.G. (Mothers Against Aliens and Ghosts), Overkill is a comedy podcast, a murder mystery, and a love story all wrapped in one vaguely supernatural package.

I write and direct the audio drama, which has since received over 10,000 downloads. The project has taught me more about telling long-form narratives and marketing my work than anything I’ve ever taken on before. In order to gain listeners, I’ve had to engage with social media in a way that was frankly daunting to me at first. It can be hard to stand by your work, no matter what medium you’re working in. But after recommending my podcast to strangers, engaging with the wider audio drama community, and being stared at as I put promotional materials up on the train, I have a new faith in myself and in my projects.

It's also just a super fun show to write.

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